Project “New Gornaya - This is Us!”

In 2023, LLC New Mining Management Company launched a project called “New Gornaya – This is Us!”. This is a survey aimed at engaging employees to identify areas for improvement in the company's work environment and processes. The survey provides an opportunity for employees to express their opinions and contribute to making their work experience more comfortable and productive.

The survey is conducted among employees of the company in Kuzbass and Moscow. Once completed, questionnaires are sent to ECOPSY consulting company for processing. ECOPSY then sends the summarized data to LLC NMMC for analysis. Based on the survey results, the company will develop an action plan to address the identified issues.

Professional skills competition

On the eve of Miner's Day, LLC New Mining Management Company's enterprises traditionally organise a month-long campaign of mining performance and competitions for the title of “Best in the Profession”. The best specialists from mines, processing plants, and open-pit mines take part in professional skill competitions.

BELAZ drivers showcase their masterful driving techniques. Competitions between excavator operators and drill rig operators are particularly spectacular.


In the enrichment plants, quality assurance specialists, sample takers, and chemical analysis lab technicians demonstrate their abilities.

The company’s enterprises with underground coal mines also host intense competition. At the Antonovskaya and Bolshevik mines, underground electrical engineers and miners compete for victory.